Clarke CarpetMaster® 30

The CarpetMaster 30’s unique combination of productivity, clean-air filtration and off-floor cleaning capabilities makes it THE choice for your large area carpet cleaning needs. The 30 inch [...]

Clarke Euroclean GD930

The Euroclean GD930 is our biggest, most powerful canister vacuum. It features a large 4 gallon dust bag, so your customers can vacuum longer without having to stop and change bags. The Euroclean [...]

Clarke Saltix™ 10

The Clarke Saltix™ 10 is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable machine that can be counted on to do the job day in day out. Providing superior performance on multiple surfaces with a [...]

Clarke Comfort Pak

One of the newest members of Clarke’s soft floor line is the Comfort Pak backpack vacuum.  It features an ergonomic frame that was designed by backpackers for support and stability, lightweight, [...]

Clarke Hip Vac™

Confined and cluttered areas are easy to clean with the Hip Vac. The powerful motor and lightweight design increase productivity by up to 74 percent compared to traditional vacuums. The [...]